After MD Gov. Hogan Signs Fracking Ban, Groups Urge Democrat Wolf to Follow Republican


April 4, 2017

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After MD Gov. Hogan Signs Fracking Ban, Groups Urge Democrat Wolf to Follow Republican


Today, Maryland Governor Larry Hogan, a Republican, signed legislation to ban fracking in his state. With Hogan’s signature, Maryland joins New York and Vermont as states that have banned the dangerous drilling process. The move highlights the retrograde policy on fracking in Pennsylvania, where Governor Wolf has pushed forward thousands of new wells and instructed his Department of Environmental Protection to rubber stamp new infrastructure ranging from earthquake-inducing deep injection wells to the Mariner East 2 pipeline, which cuts across the entirety of the state.


“Unless Governor Wolf’s intention is to make Pennsylvania a resource colony for states that have banned fracking, he needs to move in the direction of putting health, well-being, and safety ahead of profit,” said Beverly Braverman of Mountain Watershed Association, which advocates for Pennsylvania communities north of the Maryland border. “There are over 650,000 renewable jobs currently in this country showing an obvious shift in the energy-creation landscape.”


Representatives of the Steering Committee of Pennsylvanians Against Fracking reacted to the news.


“As a resident of an area with many frack wells–and many, many more to come if Pennsylvania continues to be the poster child of fracking–I ask Governor Wolf to do the right thing,” said Diane Sipe of Marcellus Outreach Butler. “Follow Maryland’s Gov. Hogan and ban fracking.”


“Maryland’s Republican governor signed a ban on fracking into law based on environmental risks he believes ‘simply outweigh any benefits,’” said Karen Feridun of Berks Gas Truth, “In Pennsylvania, those risks have become realities, yet Governor Wolf continues to seek out opportunities to expand fracking by promoting projects and programs designed to keep the oil & gas industry in business for the next century. His actions are unconscionable.”


“New York, Vermont, and now Maryland have all weighed the risks versus benefits of fracking in their states,” said Briget Shields of Marcellus Protest. “Many of them came to Pennsylvania to see the harms being done to our citizens and the environment of Pennsylvania and therefor have decided to ban fracking. It’s time for Gov. Wolf to do the job he was elected to do. Protect the People of Pennsylvania. His continued neglect of the families who have been living without water and promotion of more fracking and infrastructure proves he is more concerned about money than the people. Upholding Article 1 Sec. 27 is being overlooked by the entire Pennsylvania Legislature.”


“Maryland’s Governor has proactively stopped fracking before it could ruin the state’s water, air and communities. Here in Pennsylvania, we have living proof of the indelible damage that fracking brings and yet Governor Wolf won’t even acknowledge what is occurring and is even encouraging its expansion through fracking-friendly policies and economic incentives. Pennsylvania is not a sacrifice zone for the gas industry and we call on the Governor Wolf to listen to his neighboring states of Maryland and New York and stop fracking in Pennsylvania,” said Tracy Carluccio of the Delaware Riverkeeper Network.


“Republican Governor Larry Hogan has signed a fracking ban into law, leadership Republicans in the Florida legislature are supporting a fracking ban, and Republicans and Democrats here in Pennsylvania are expressing concern over new pipelines,” said Sam Bernhardt of Food & Water Watch, adding “Governor Wolf needs to reassess the direction he’s headed in.”




About Pennsylvanians Against Fracking

Pennsylvanians Against Fracking is a statewide coalition of organizations, institutions, and businesses calling for a halt to fracking in the Commonwealth. Steering Committee member organizations include Berks Gas Truth, Delaware Riverkeeper Network, Food & Water Watch, Marcellus Outreach Butler, Marcellus Protest, Pennsylvania Alliance for Clean Water and Air, and Thomas Merton Center. Learn more about Pennsylvanians Against Fracking at


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