Thousands Tell Wolf, “Don’t Raid Alternative Energy Funds to Pay for Pipelines”

Pennsylvanians Against Fracking and thousands of Pennsylvanians want clean energy funds to be used for just that, not for dirty gas pipelines.  Today, we delivered a petition to Governor Wolf with nearly 5,000 signatures telling him not to budget grants for the gas industry’s pipelines and to instead fund clean sustainable renewable energy. We’re going to keep collecting signatures, so please add yours here.

Governor Wolf announced in November 2016 that his Administration was making grants available to build natural gas pipelines by diverting $24 million dollars from Pennsylvania’s Alternate Clean Energy Program.

The fund being raided was formed under a clean energy statute to promote alternative energy sources but has languished under Wolf who has opted to develop dirty gas instead.

Why should public funds be showered on a dominant industrial sector?

Pennsylvania is already suffering the increasing damages caused by the build out of polluting natural gas from the point of extraction, across the pipeline and compressor delivery system, to the end use such as cracker plants and power stations that pollute communities’ air and water, cause irreversible environmental harm, and add to the unbearable load of greenhouse gases that exacerbate climate change.

Pennsylvania needs clean and renewable energy, the purpose the original fund was set up to deliver.  This is especially important to provide a secure energy future with the economic benefits of solar, wind and energy efficiency programs that will replace the downward spiral of an unsustainable and destructive fossil fuel.

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